Foraging Tours and Classes in Illinois

Adjacent States Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin 1. Illinois Mycological Association This club seeks to promote mycology as a form of recreation. They conduct monthly meetings and forays to enhance their knowledge of wild mushroom hunting. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: 2. Eat The Neighborhood Eat The Neighborhood is a Chicago-based […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Ohio

Adjacent States Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia 1. The Mushroom Hunter Don King, can often be found hiking the forests of Ohio and neighboring states in search of wild mushrooms and other delicious and healthy edibles, which he considers to be the pinnacle of sustainable, local foods. King’s enthusiasm for wild foods stems from […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in North Carolina

Adjacent States Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia 1. Abundance Healing Arts Abundance Healing Arts were founded by Kim Calhoun, a North Carolinian girl. Located in Chatham County, North Carolina. She became immersed in healing arts and creating plant medicine at a young age and offers all-year-round walks, classes, and workshops. More information: For inquiries: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in West Virginia

Adjacent States Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia 1. Mountaineer Wilderness LLC Founded by Mark Chapin, a retired US force. His activities started in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. Focus on survival skills and wilderness regions. He offers classes, hikes, and other courses for youth and adults. More information: Contact: MARK@MOUNTAINEERWILDERNESS.COM Events Schedule: 2. The […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Michigan

Adjacent States Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin 1. Great Lakes Foraging Co. Great Lakes Foraging Co. is a group in Michigan whose focus is on mother nature’s gourmet and medicinal treasures. It offers classes and forays. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: 2. Jim Mcdonald Jim Mcdonald is a self-taught herbalist. He is […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Tennessee

Adjacent States Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia 1. Cumberland Mycological Society Cumberland Mycological Society is a non-profit organization, located in Crossville, Tennessee. It seeks to promote the study of mushrooms, the enjoyment of gathering them, and the harmonious exchange of information. This happens mainly in East and Middle Tennessee. More information: […]

Foraging YouTubers and Online Classes (By Region)

Foraging Youtube Videos

We’ve compiled a list of YouTube channels and online courses that actively focus on foraging and wild edibles and sorted them by geographic region. Enjoy!!(Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, Great Plains, Southern Central, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and Alaska). There’s also a category for Nationwide foraging channels that focus on many different […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Georgia

Adjacent States Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee 1. Ever Wilder Ever Wilder offers plant walks and foraging events year-round in Ellijay, GA on a beautiful mountain homestead. Learn primitive skills, Appalachian folklore, medicinal herbs, edible plants, and more.  More information: Contact: Events Schedule: Social Media: 2. Medicine Bow Mark […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Nebraska

Adjacent States Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming 1. Spiritus Vitae Botanicals LLC Paul and Nicole Saville are the owners of Spiritus Vitae Botanicals LLC. They offer seasonal herb walks and farm tours, and individual or group presentations. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: Social Media: Events & Classes | Spiritus Vitae […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Minnesota

Adjacent States Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin 1. Ironwood Foraging Co. Tim Clemens founded Ironwood Foraging Co. to offer hands-on foraging workshops to the Minneapolis area. Tim is the President of the Minnesota Mycological Society, a Minnesota Master Naturalist, and a Certified Wild Mushroom Expert. Offering public and private talks and workshops on […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Oklahoma

Adjacent States Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas 1. Oklahoma Mycological Society Oklahoma Mycological Society is a non-profit organization that is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their interest lies in learning about mushrooms and fungi. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: Oklahoma Mycological Society ( Social Media:

Foraging Tours and Classes in Colorado

Adjacent States Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming 1. Colorado Mycological Society Located in Denver, the Colorado Mycological Society is a non-profit organization. They seek to promote the study and appreciation of mycology as they discover, photograph, identify, collect, and preserve mushrooms. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: 2. Modern Forager […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Kentucky

Adjacent States Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia 1. The Hungry Forager The Hungry Forager was established by George Barnett in early April 2020. As George studied trees, fungi, plants, and ecology over the previous four years, he was always foraging in his free time. The Hungry Forager provides wild food education and […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Wisconsin

Adjacent States Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota 1. Forager’s Harvest Forager’s Harvest is owned by Sam Thayer with Melissa Price, located in Bruce, Wisconsin. Sam Thayer is a prominent author, forager, and an internationally known authority on edible wild plants. He seeks to promote responsible foraging, appreciation and conservation of nature, and a sustainable food system. […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Missouri

Adjacent States Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, Oklahoma 1. First Earth Wilderness School LLC Bo Brown is the founder of First Earth School LLC. First Earth School LLC teaches valuable life-saving survival skills and information about the natural world which has practical use. It offers outings, workshops, demonstrations, and school programs. More information: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Arkansas

Adjacent States Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas Note: No foraging /Wild Edible Tours or class providers could be found for this state. See links: Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas If you provide tours and classes, please contact us at

Foraging Tours and Classes in Indiana

Adjacent States Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio 1. The Indiana Herbal Center Katherine Novotny manages The Indiana Herbal Center. She is a western clinical herbal educator, practitioner, folklore enthusiast, and an urban homesteader/beekeeper. The Indiana Herbal Center is a place where you learn and reconnect with plants as medicine. She offers classes and apprenticeships. More information: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Iowa

Adjacent States Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin 1. Prairie States Mushroom Club Dr. Don Huffman and Dr. Lois Tiffany are the founders of Prairie States Mushroom Club. They host activities related to fungi and mushrooms appreciation and learning and offer foraging classes.  More information: Contact: Events Schedule:

Foraging Tours and Classes in Delaware

Adjacent States Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania 1. Delaware Highlands Mushroom Society Delaware Highlands Mushroom Society has offices in Wayne and Pike Counties, and Sullivan County in New York. Their goal is to educate people about the role of fungi in the environment, as they seek to teach about the role of mushrooms in diet, medicine, […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Maryland

Adjacent States Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia 1. Forage Culture Forage Culture is an organization dedicated to changing the culture to be more curious about food through classes in foraging, cooking classes, and farm tours. They partner with local farms in the York and Baltimore areas to teach safe foraging. More information: Contact: […]