Foraging Tours and Classes in North Carolina

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Foraging Tours, Walks, Classes, and Groups (Updated for 2024)

The list below has been curated to include only those groups and foragers that schedule regular events and are currently active. Please email us about any broken links or incorrect links so we can keep the list updated. If you offer classes or scheduled foraging events feel free to contact us about being added to the list.-

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Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

1. Abundance Healing Arts

Abundance Healing Arts were founded by Kim Calhoun, a North Carolinian girl. Located in Chatham County, North Carolina. She became immersed in healing arts and creating plant medicine at a young age and offers all-year-round walks, classes, and workshops.

2. Asheville Mushroom Club

Asheville Mushroom Club is dedicated to learning about fungi, located in Asheville, North Carolina. It offers forays, day trips, and adventure camping. Most of their foray activities were done in Western North Carolina.

3. No Taste Like Home

No Taste Like Home is a 25-year-old foraging ecotour company in Asheville, North Carolina. Its instructors are Becky Beyer, Dimitri Magiasis, Justin Holt, and Jillian Ras. They offer tours with at least 10 participants.

4. The WANDER School

Abby Artemisia is the founder of WANDER School. WANDER stands for Wild Artemisia, Nature, Discovery, Empowerment, and Reconnection. Located in Appalachian North Carolina. Her focus is on teaching Botany, wild edibles, medicinal plants, and DIY herbalism. North Carolina and other US territories are the places she went to.

5. Wild Abundance

Wild Abundance is a school of permaculture, building, and land-based living. They offer in-person and online classes throughout the year, taught by local experts. Wild plants are a part of several programs, and their Wildcrafting and Medicine Making Intensive takes a deep dive, twice a year. 

6. Wildcrafting

Wildcrafting was founded by Ila Hatter. Located in Whittier, North Carolina. Ila Hatter is an interpretive naturalist, artist, wildcrafter, and gourmet cook. She has experience in exploring the South. It includes Texas to the Smoky Mountains, the Caribbean, Spain, and Southern Appalachia. She conducts foraging for educational purposes.

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  1. Are there any mushroom foraging groups or classes closer to Highlands / Cashiers ? Also, is there someone I could pay to walk my property with me during mushroom foraging season to show me how to properly and safely collect the mushrooms on my property? I’m a new property owner on Lake Glenville.

  2. Is there anyone or any group near Hillsborough, NC that accept manners to venture with for foraging edible plants?

    1. Hi Terri, I’m in Hillsborough as well and would love to find something. I’ll reply here if I find anything.

      1. I am near Wilmington, North Carolina, and would love to learn about foraging safely. That would include what to look out for regarding snakes, bears, etc., as well as the foods themselves and their poisonous look-alikes. I am a total newbie. Does anyone know of any groups or classes in this area?

  3. Hi are there any classes in Eastern NC? I don’t have the ability to drive 4 hours to the mountains but I would love to expand my knowledge of what around my area

  4. I’m interested in connecting with foragers in eastern NC- Fayetteville/Spring Lake/Lillington area- too

    1. I’m north of Charlotte. Yes, we need someone to teach us. I know some basics. Just getting into it. I wish I had started this 30 years ago.

      1. Hi Con K, I’m north of Charlotte as well, in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area. Have you found someone to teach/mentor in foraging in our area yet? You can contact me on FB under Pat Melchor (see the dragonfly image).

    2. Hi Prudhvi, I’m north of Charlotte, in the Lake Norman/Mooresville area. Have you found someone to teach foraging yet? I can’t tell one leaf from another. You can contact me on FB under Pat Melchor (see dragonfly image).

  5. I live in the Mooresville/Lake Norman/Statesville area of NC. Near us is Charlotte, Denver, Lincolnton, Troutman, Davidson, Cornelius, Kannapolis, and Concord. Does anyone know of a Foraging Class/Tour or a Mentor in Foraging Wild Foods? I can’t tell one leaf from another and there are poisonous plants that are look-a-likes to some of those common ones everyone tells you to go out and look for. I want someone I can take a leaf to and make sure I’m not feeding my family something that will make them sick or kill them. You can contact me on FaceBook under Pat Melchor (see the dragonfly image).

  6. Hello, I’m in Columbus County, NC. In between Wilmington and Fayetteville. 1 hour either way. I would love to learn what is edible in my area.

  7. I have always been interested in foraging would love to take some classes. I am in Eastern NC (Havelock)

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