Edible Fungus

Like foraging for edible wild plants, mushroom hunting also has an almost mystic image because throughout history this skill done correctly leads to life and incorrectly could lead to illness or death. The dangers of foraging for edible mushrooms or other fungus are well known. The benefits are also well known throughout the world, certain choice fungus like truffles are very highly valued, and certain medicinal mushrooms are known to be unlike anything on earth, for example the ancient reishi mushroom which is used for a number of ailments, and generally better health.

Yellow Morel

Edible Mushrooms of Oregon

Oregon is home to many mushrooms, many of which are perfect for both beginner and experienced mushroom foragers. The following list includes mushrooms that are

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Edible Mushrooms of Washington

The West Coast is home to various edible and interesting mushrooms. Washington’s warm humid winters and mild summers host a lot of interesting mushrooms! The

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