Edible Fungus

Like foraging for edible wild plants, mushroom hunting also has an almost mystic image because throughout history this skill done correctly leads to life and incorrectly could lead to illness or death. The dangers of foraging for edible mushrooms or other fungus are well known. The benefits are also well known throughout the world, certain choice fungus like truffles are very highly valued, and certain medicinal mushrooms are known to be unlike anything on earth, for example the ancient reishi mushroom which is used for a number of ailments, and generally better health.

How to Cook Chanterelles

Chanterelles are among the most prized of wild edible mushrooms. Their rich flavor and texture make them versatile additions to recipes, either as a side

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Honey Mushrooms, a Bittersweet Find

Note: Because Armillaria species are quite similar to some inedible “little brown mushrooms”, to include the highly toxic deadly galerina (Galerina marginata), and because they

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