Foraging Tours and Classes in Northern Ireland

Adjacent Regions England Wales Scotland 1. Harty Culture – Belfast Established in 2007, HartyCulture is a family-run business based in the heart of the beautiful orchards of County Armagh, Northern Ireland. We offer a wide spectrum of horticultural and landscaping services to private, public and third sector clients, with a focus on quality, sustainability and […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Scotland

Adjacent Regions England Wales Northern Ireland 1. Foraging Scotland Short description: A small business based in Dumfries and Galloway and run by mycology enthusiast Jesse Beaman, Foraging Scotland runs guided mushroom walks throughout the area. South West Scotland is home to some pristine fungi habitats, Jesse teaches groups how to safely identify, responsibly collect, cook and preserve […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Wales

Adjacent Regions England Scotland Northern Ireland 1. Fishing and Foraging Wales – Pembrokeshire My name is Matt Powell. I am a chef, forager and saltwater bass lure angling guide. Fishing and foraging Wales and Welsh bass guide were created to bring all of my passions together. Bass lure angling, hunting for wild edibles and food. […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in England

Adjacent Regions Wales Scotland Northern Ireland 1. Robin Harford – London and surrounding area Your guide and teacher on these foraging courses will be Robin Harford. Robin is a plant-based forager, wild food educator and has published numerous foraging guide books. He has been teaching people about their local edible landscape since 2008. His events […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in New Brunswick

Adjacent Provinces Quebec Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador 1. Enchanted Mushroom Forest Walks – Moncton Join this facebook group for foragers in New Brunswick to learn about wild edibles! Read Posts about our favorite wild herbs, foods, and mushrooms, conversate about foraging, or see the news on upcoming Enchanted Mushroom Forest Walks. More information: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Nova Scotia

Adjacent Provinces New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador 1. Blackbird Hollow – Phinneys Cove apothecary, homestead & perennial edible and medicinal nursery. mindfully harvested herbal shrubs, bitters and more, made in small batches with intention and care. Check our Facebook page for foraging walks and workshops! Events are not always put on our events […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Newfoundland and Labrador

Adjacent Provinces Quebec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island 1. (Tina White) Tina White is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, forager, hiker, kayaker and all around nature lover. Offering an introduction to foraging + wild food tastings and forest bathing walks in Tors Cove, Lamanche and Pippy Park, among other locations. Tina is passionate about nature […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in the Yukon

Adjacent Provinces British Columbia Northwest Territories 1. Yukon Conservation Society – Whitehorse The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) is a grassroots environmental non-profit organization, established in 1968. We have over 250 current members and many dedicated volunteers. Over the years, YCS has earned a respected position of influence on environmental policy and education in the North. […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in the Northwest Territories

Adjacent Provinces Yukon Alberta Saskatchewan 1. Tłı̨chǫ Government – Tłı̨chǫ Territory The Tłı̨chǫ is a northern aborigional people and the Tłı̨chǫ Government offers several foraging events and workshops to teach people their peoples traditional ways of foraging food. More information: Contact: Phone: (867) 392-6381 Events Schedule: Social Media: 2. Naturally Dene – […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Nunavut

Adjacent Provinces Northwest Territories Manitoba Foraging is a common way of life for many people in the territory of Nunavut. No events or workshops were found. If you are visiting the territory ask around and you will probably quickly find many people with intimate knowledge of the land and how to safely forage food from […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Quebec

Adjacent Provinces Ontario New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador   1. Wise Oak Wilderness We offer courses for adults on foraging, wild cuisine, and bushcraft. Most courses take place in Kahnawake, only 30 minutes from downtown Montreal. Classes are taught in English, with French translation available. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: Social Media: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Ontario

Adjacent Provinces Manitoba Quebec 1. Wild Muskoka Botanicals – Dwight Wild Muskoka Botanicals is the producer of artisan wild foods and cocktail mixers. Our ingredients are locally foraged in a sustainable manner, and then hand-produced on a small scale in an effort to maintain our focus on providing high quality products made with ecological integrity. They […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Alberta

Adjacent Provinces British Columbia Saskatchewan Northwest Territories 1. Martin on Mushrooms – Edmonton Join mushroom identification expert Martin Osis on a walk near your neighbourhood. This walk is a view into the interconnectedness of life, where fungi reveal their contribution. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: Walks:  Events Schedule: Workshops: Social Media: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Saskatchewan

Adjacent Provinces Alberta Manitoba Northwest Territories 1. Pamela Huerto – Central Saskatchewan Pamela Huerto is a registered dietician and plant geek. She uploads educational videos to her YouTube channel and is currently working on many more materials for her website. Public events will be run in the future. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Manitoba

Adjacent Provinces Saskatchewan Ontario Nunavut 1. Fort Whyte Alive FortWhyte Alive is dedicated to providing programming, natural settings, and facilities for environmental education, outdoor recreation, and social enterprise. They offer many events for education on various topics including foraging. More information: Contact: Phone: (204) 989-8355 Events Schedule: Social Media: 2. […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in British Columbia

Adjacent Provinces Alberta Yukon 1. Swallow Tail Canada – Vancouver Swallow Tail Canada is owned and Operated by Chef Robin who specializes with unique dining experiences and foraging education. With her team they run courses on Survival foraging, edible medicinal plant foraging, mushrooms foraging, and sea foraging. More information: Contact: Events Schedule: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes on Prince Edward Island

Adjacent Provinces New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador 1. Watermoon Holistic Herbs – Charlottetown Watermoon Holistic Herbs produces Holistic Medicine & Beeswax Candles to entice and illuminate the messages of Mother Nature. They host regular workshops and foraging walk events which are listed on their Facebook page. More information: Contact: […]

Foraging Tours and Classes in Alaska

Adjacent States: NONE Note: No foraging /Wild Edible Tours or class providers could be found for this state. If you provide tours and classes, please contact us at

Foraging Tours and Classes in New York State

Adjacent States Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont     1. “Wildman” Steve Brill Steve Brill is tagged as one of the most famous men in the field of foraging. He conducted foraging tours in places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Steve Brill teaches people what wild edibles, […]