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Foraging Tours, Walks, Classes, and Groups (Updated for 2024)

The list below has been curated to include only those groups and foragers that schedule regular events and are currently active. Please email us about any broken links or incorrect links so we can keep the list updated. If you offer classes or scheduled foraging events feel free to contact us about being added to the list.-

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1. Foraging Scotland

Short description: A small business based in Dumfries and Galloway and run by mycology enthusiast Jesse Beaman, Foraging Scotland runs guided mushroom walks throughout the area. South West Scotland is home to some pristine fungi habitats, Jesse teaches groups how to safely identify, responsibly collect, cook and preserve a variety of wild edibles. Picking a favourite is always difficult but barbequed porcini is hard to beat!

2. Monica Wilde – West Lothian

I am a forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist. I live in West Lothian in a self-built wooden house on 4 organic acres where I am encouraging medicinal and foraging species to make their home, creating a wild, teaching garden. I teach foraging courses all over the country and am living for a year on a wild food diet. I have a Masters degree in Herbal Medicine, am a Fellow of the Linnean Society, a Member of the Association of Foragers, a Member of the British Mycological Society.

3. The Creggans Inn – Loch Fyne

The Creggans Inn is a family-run hotel with stunning views. Foraging breaks are hosted by owner Gill MacLellan takes guests out, on request, for a couple of hours’ foraging in search of brambles, blueberries, wild yellow raspberries, elderflowers, chanterelles, wild garlic or whatever else happens to be in season.

4. Galloway Wild Foods – Galloway

I am Mark Williams and through Galloway Wild Foods I hope to share my passion for foraging and the delicious and nutritious food that you can gather for free in the wild. All my work seeks to restore vital connection between humans and nature, increasing our intimacy with the natural world in ways that are beneficial our own physical and mental wellbeing, and the health of the ecosystems of which we are part.

5. Foraging Fortnight – Across Scotland

An exciting blend of outdoor and virtual events across Scotland, Foraging Fortnight includes everything from a multi-day outdoor experience, to seminars on food policy and a range of great foraging walks focusing on plants, seaweed and fungi. Learn to identify wild, edible plants in your own back garden, try your hand at mixing a wild cocktail or relax with a delicious wild meal in lovely surroundings. This festival occurs once a year in September.

6. Wildwood Bushcraft – Lochailort

Wildwood Bushcraft’s ethos is to use natural resources sustainably, while providing realistic, educational and practical outdoor courses. We believe that once people re-awaken a connection with the natural world, they will value it more and want to protect it. We have been running our courses year-round since 2005. We run many scheduled courses, private events and foraging expeditions throughout the year.

7. Mycobee Mushrooms – East Lothian

You can find here locally cultivated exotic mushrooms directly from MycoBee Mushroom Farm based in Fenton Barns, East Lothian Scotland. Mycobee cultivates varieties of Oyster Mushrooms, Lion’s Mane, Reishi & Maitake to provide local community sustainably grown valuable in our diet food as mushrooms are. At MycoBee Mushrooms we support local producers who promote sustainability and well-being. You can also book here your mushroom growing class and foraging event. Happy Mushrooming!

8. Scottish Wild Food Festival – Glasgow

Set in the spectacular surroundings of Tir na nOg, the Scottish Wild Food Festival provides a feast of wild food. The festival encourages people of all ages to step outdoors and learn about local wild food. With dining experiences, foraging walks, wild cocktail making, bushcraft, talks and demos, workshops, live music and a marketplace there really is something for everyone to get their teeth into! Explore, eat and relax in our main festival hub or take a walk round the grounds – beautiful woodland trails packed with wild food surprises around every corner. This Festival occurs only a couple days of the year in September.

9. The Friends of Easter Craiglockhart Hill – Edinburgh

The Friends of Easter Craiglockhart Hill were the first Friends Group in Edinburgh, and we are now one of many Friends Groups in the city that work to protect our green spaces. We are a registered charity, run by voluntary trustees. We work in partnership with the Natural Heritage Service of the City of Edinburgh Council. We want people from the local community and further afield to visit Easter Craiglockhart Hill, learn about the natural world and enjoy spending time outdoors. We try to get the balance right between encouraging people to enjoy themselves on the hill and protecting the environment. We host regular foraging walk events in Easter Craiglockhart Hill so check our Facebook page for our event postings!

10. The Little Foragers Kitchen – Glasgow

My name is Vicky Manning and I’m the founder of The Little Foragers Kitchen. Foraging is my passion; it’s a real joy and privilege to share the knowledge I’ve gathered over many years with others. I started The Little Foragers Kitchen to do just that. I hope you’ll join me; be warned though, foraging is addictive! You might not be able to stop.

11. Hipsters and Hobos – Livingston

Foraging is fantastic and so is beer. Hanging around breweries, predominately Alechemy in Livingston, inspired me to put together my two favourite pastimes. Knowing far too many brewers and plenty about wild edibles led to a very sober conversation resulting in ‘Spring’ – 2017 collaborative brew with Cross Borders in Mid Lothian – a fruiting currant hefeweizen. Several more successful brews now under my belt with some of Edinburgh’s most exciting breweries and perhaps the best job in the world. An experienced teacher I now deliver public courses and events in Edinburgh and Livingston. Throughout 2018, as well as solo foraging courses focusing primarily on identification, I teamed up with some exciting partners to offer more diverse workshops. This included the forage & ferment brewdays with Campervan and yoga & sustainability focused workshops with the Croft Carbon College.

12. Arran Geopark – Isle of Arran

Arran is a geopark with breathtaking landscapes and tons of amazing scenery to enjoy. It is a UNESCO Global Geoparks whose designation is the international standard recognising outstanding geology and landscapes. The parks rangers and volunteers host many educational events such as the popular Foraging and Folklore regularly so make sure to check our events page to stay up to date for the next one.

13. Applecross Walks and Crafts – Edinburgh

Providing opportunities to understand and learn about the uses of our native plants we hope it will lead to rekindling the connection to nature. I host foraging walks regularly so follow my Facebook page or contact me directly on Facebook for more information.

14. Whitehouse Foraging – Falkirk

Foraging is not a new idea – our ancestors have been doing it for millions of years. It is only in relatively recent times that we have relied on farming and then our supermarkets to decide what we should be eating. In today’s busy world, convenience is highly prized but we are seeing a sharp rise in allergies. Our narrower diet, based on a limited range of farmed and processed foods is having an affect on our collective health. A forager will tend to eat a much wider basket of foods than would be found in the aisles of your local supermarket. We enjoy and benefit from foraging in our beautiful countryside. Fantastic edible goodies; Berries, roots, leaves, seaweed, mushrooms. so much to enjoy but you need to know what you can eat and what you must leave alone. We love having the confidence to pick and eat foods that most people would not even notice or recognise. If you would like to learn more about the delicious and health giving plants that are all around us please book onto one of our courses. We look forward to seeing you.

15. Herbal Homestead – Stirlingshire

Understanding seasonality by exploring edible and traditional uses of local plants and mushrooms. Guided walks can be tailored to your needs and interests.

16. Natasha Lloyd – Gathering Nature – Cairngorm National Park

My passion for plants started young with gardening and discussions with my Mum, and a well thumbed copy of A Modern Herbal by Mrs Grieves. I still use that book today. This childhood inspiration has fuelled a lifetimes research and avid study. I have been practicing for eight years as a medical herbalist, and have been teaching foraging for over 20 years, Gathering Nature is the culmination of experience in this fascinating subject. Currently working with Hauser and Wirth I have been given creative freedom to devise a range of herbal cocktails for their hotel at The Fife Arms Braemar where I am employed as the in-house forager. I have also produced a product line of foraged condiments, cosmetic products and I also conduct a range bespoke creative workshops and teaching sessions which enrich an understanding and foster a connection to nature.

17. Clare Holohan – Lochaline

Clare Holohan is a qualified medical herbalist, massage therapist and clinical aromatherapist. She practices at the SOLAS therapy rooms in Oban, Lochaber Complementary Health Clinic in Fort William and around the Lochaber area of the West Highlands of Scotland. Clare is a member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists and is fully professionally insured. Foraging events are posted to my Facebook page.

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