Katydids: More Than Meets The Eye

An Introduction to the Katydids: Katydids are a close relative of the Locust and belong to the order of insects called Orthoptera. They may closely resemble grasshoppers but are more leaf-like. They are known by other names as well such as the Bush Cricket or even the Long-horned Grasshopper.   Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE, Katydid […]

Curly Dock: Peculiar Yet Useful

Curly Dock

[ept-header] An Introduction to Curly Dock: Curly Dock or as it is scientifically known as Rumex crispus is a flowering plant which is perennial in nature. It has various other names including yellow dock and even curled dock.   Places where you can spot Curly Dock: You may find it on roadsides, fields, shorelines, meadows […]

Cicada (17 Year Old): A Nutrituous Buzz

17 Year Old Cicada

An Introduction to the 17 Year Cicada: Magicicada septendecim or as some would like to call it The 17 year cicada is one of the largest cicada species around. As it’s name states, it lives to about 17 years which is exceptionally long for any insect specimen.     Places where you can spot the […]

Asparagus: A Delightful Household Plant

  An Introduction to Wild Asparagus: Asparagus officinalis or Wild Asparagus is an edible household hlant which is consumed in most American Households. It is commonly eaten as a vegetable and thus is grown as a crop likewise. You may see it in various American dishes as well where it accompanies the main star of […]

Black Locust: A Widespread and Nifty Native Plant

  An Introduction to Black Locust:  Robinia pseudoacacia or Black Locust as it is commonly known is a native plant or weed that grows on the sides of streets. A lot of people may know it for its beauty when it flowers (which we will touch upon later). It has also built up quite a […]

Locust: A Delectable Invader

Garden Locust

An Introduction to the Locusts: The locust is an insect belonging from the family Acrididae from the order Orthoptera. It resembles a grasshopper but has a bigger appetite and appears to look stronger. Known for their massive swarms, these insects are a force to be reckoned with.   Places where you can spot Locusts: Locusts […]


Tarragon - American Native Herb

TIDAK ADA KEAMANAN YANG SEMPURNA YA BOS! there is never perfect security ! haha       “Kucinta kau seperti senja dengan keindahannya tanpa durasinya” R36ARD : INDONESIAN CYBER ARMY | MUNTILANOS THANKS ALLAH SWT An Introduction to Tarragon: Artemisia dracunculus or Tarragon is a well-known and loved herb (it can be considered an American […]

Loveroot: Enigmatic and Medicinal

An Introduction to Loveroot: Loveroot or Ligusticum porter is a flowery herb that lies in carrot family. You can find it in various parts of the US And Mexico. You may consider it a very versatile Native Medicinal Herb. Places where you can spot Love root: Loveroot can be found in mountaineous regions. It thrives […]

Sage Brush: A Native Herb with History

An Introduction to Sage brush: Artemisia tridentata or sage brush as it is commonly known is a fragrant herb with a strong, woody build which prefers dry area which have a colder temperature than normal including mountainous or some specific desert regions. It is quite popularly considered good to start and use in to make […]

Wild Bay Leaf: A Fragrant and Versatile Plant

Wild Bay Leaf - Native American Plant

An Introduction to Wild Bay leaf Umbellularia californica or Wild Bay Leaf as it’s called is another Native American plant/tree indigenous to the state of Oregon and likewise also California. It goes by many names, from California Bay to Cinnamon bush to headache or even peppernut tree. It has various unusual properties that set it […]

Wild Bergamot: The leafy healer we always needed

Monarda Fistulosa - American Herb

An Introduction to Wild Bergamot (A Native American Herb):  The Wild Bergamot is a Native American herb that lies in the mint family. Its scientific name is Monarda fistulosa. This plant is native to North America. It is quite common throughout the region with a lot species and subspecies to be found. It is a […]

American Wild Mint

American herb

An Introduction to Wild Mint: Mentha candensis, or American Wild Mint, is an extant mint species and Native American Herb commonly found in North America but is also native to East Asia. This can be somewhat confusing since this American native is also called Japanese or Chinese wild mint. It is one of the most […]

Chamomile: Just a tinge brightens up your day

Image of Blooming Bright Yellow Chamomile Flower.

An Introduction to Chamomile: Chamomile is a famous flowering herb commonly used in various teas plus medicine along with food and beverages. Two varieties are prominently available, being the German chamomile or Chamomile recutita and the Roman chamomile or Chamaemelum nobile. The bitterness and scent alone are the principal characteristics that people seek when using […]

Ginseng: Energy one sprinkle at a time

Vibrant Green Korean Ginseng growing naturally.

Title and Common name: Ginseng is a highly beneficial root and an effective one at that. Forming up the Genus Panax there are many variants of Ginseng present throughout the corners of the earth. Scientific name plus an introduction:  The types include an American Variant (Panax Quinquefolius), the Korean variant (Panax Ginseng), a Chinese Variant […]

Oregano: A baker’s aromatic best friend

Purple Flowers of Oregano blooming upright.

An Introduction to Oregano: Oregano is a member of the mint family known for its culinary and medicinal uses. The most common species is Origanum vulgare. It is one of the most commonly sought after herbs around the world. A perennial herbaceous plant, it grows up to around 2.5 feet in height with purple flowers. […]

Lemongrass: When life gives you lemongrass make tea!

Pots of fresh lemongrass growing in a nursery.

An Introduction to Lemon Grass: Lemongrass is an herb from the grass family that should be on everyone’s grocery list. Hailing from the Cymbopogon genus, it has its roots in medicinal culture the world over (literally). This famous grass is also a wonderful culinary ingredient. There are so many variants of lemongrass present in various regions of the world. Listing down each type […]

Rosemary: A fragrant blessing in herby disguise

Rosemary Happily growing alongside other plants

An Introduction to Rosemary: Rosemary is a very aromatic perennial herb which has thin leaves and flowers of distinct shades. The most common species name is Salvia rosmarinus and the name itself means flower in the Greek language where it was derived from. There are many more species of rosemary, but rosmarinus is the most […]