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An Introduction to Tarragon:

Artemisia dracunculus or Tarragon is a well-known and loved herb (it can be considered an American Native Herb) the world over. Tarragon is famous for its usefulness in enhancing various cuisine from around the globe. It is already quite preferred and grown in parts of Eurasia and America. This herb is not only used for cooking purposes. Some cultures prize it for its medicinal qualities as well. From the aroma it holds to the unmistakable look it has, Tarragon is an important herb and we will look into it further.

Places where you can spot Tarragon:

As tarragon may be considered fairly hardy you may find it in soils which are poorer in nature. Soils which are not that moist and soils that usually may not have a lot of plant life growing on or in them to begin with. Due to it being also quite common in the American continent it can be considered an American Native Herb.

Physical Appearance:

Tarragon may grow up to 5 feet tall with branches that appear quite thin. The leaves are lance shaped are around 3 inches in length. The color of the leaves is green and they have quite a shine. The flowers of this herb grow In small bunches with each bunch having around close to 40. They are either yellow or green in color. If you want to get into the specifics, there have been some specimens or varieties that lack seeds like a lot of domesticated plants.


Tarragon - American Native Herb
Kseniya Solovyeva. (2011, July 7). tarragon [Photograph]. Www.Flickr.Com. 

Distribution and importance:

As mentioned before it Tarragon spreads out from America to parts of Eurasia. The places in Eurasia where it grows include the central Asian including the likes of Kazakhstan and other states closer to them like Azerbaijan. Even some Asian countries such as Iran have understood its importance. When it comes to Europe, France and Russia have also used Tarragon for quite some time.

Russia, France and Mexico have quite well known varieties of Tarragon. Russian Tarragon is the hardiest one out of them all. Russian Tarragon sacrifices its quality for being an easy species to grow because of its low demand for care. French Tarragon has good flavor though it may not be as independent or strong when compared to Russian Tarragon. Lastly, Mexican Tarragon is considered superior as compared to these. It has made quite an impact on Mexican culture, so much so that it is included in a lot of their dishes. One thing to note about Russian Tarragon is that the more it ages the more flavor it begins to lose.


The role of this Native Herb in Cooking:

Tarragon is considered quite a crucial culinary ingredient in most cultures. Tarragon leaves and roots can be used in cooking. Be it chicken, eggs or even seafood; Tarragon is lovingly added into their dishes. The French agree with this and Tarragon to be one of the most important herbs that can be put into a dish. Even the famous Béarnaise sauce has Tarragon as its main ingredient. There also a famous vinegar made with Tarragon; simply called Tarragon vinegar. You can even put it in salads to give it that treasured aromatic punch.

Look into Central Asia if you want to find interesting culinary uses of Tarragon.  Countries like Kazakhstan, Ukraine and even Russia itself make a soft drink out of Tarragon. The drink is quite sweet and is green in color.

The Iranians add Tarragon to a lot of their vegetarian dishes and even in some of their pickles. Slovenia uses Tarragon to make deserts. Other countries even make a soup with Tarragon added into it like Hungary.


The Medicinal Uses of this American Native Herb:

Tarragon is used to treat a lack of appetite, pain in the teeth or even digestive problems. It has even been said to improve someone’s sleep. Some say it may have the ability to reduce blood sugar and also lessen pain. Heart patients may also find Tarragon a healthy addition to their diet. People with a lack of sleep may also find ease after taking Tarragon. Some practitioners of folk medicine may even use it to this day.


To sum it up, Tarragon is a very vital culinary herb that may have no equal when it comes to the qualities it shows and has.


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