Purple Dead Nettle: Benefits & Uses

Purple Dead Nettle Benefits

In the world of herbs, few possess the versatility and hidden benefits of purple dead nettle. Often overlooked, this unassuming herb carries a rich history and a modern relevance that extends from nutrition to medicine. Join us as we uncover the nutritional richness, medicinal potential, and culinary charm of purple dead nettle, exploring its diverse […]

Rose Hips: Treasure Among the Thorns

rose hips

Have you ever noticed the tangle of wild roses growing along tree lines or among the hedgerows? Come late summer or early fall, the petals fade away and leave behind beautiful jewel-like fruits hidden in the thorny interior.  There are what are called rose hips. Rose hips range in size and shape and their colors […]

Peppermint Twist: The Roots of a Favorite Holiday Flavor

peppermint tea

The holiday season is full of all sorts of iconic foods and flavors, from Christmas oranges and braided breads, to latkes and gelt at Hanukkah, to holiday feasts featuring favorite dishes on tables around the world. Perhaps the best-known taste of the winter holidays, at least in the West, is peppermint. It infuses sugary candy […]

Black Locust: A Widespread and Nifty Native Plant

  An Introduction to Black Locust:  Robinia pseudoacacia or Black Locust as it is commonly known is a native plant or weed that grows on the sides of streets. A lot of people may know it for its beauty when it flowers (which we will touch upon later). It has also built up quite a […]

A Brief History of the Pumpkin – From Ice-age Megafauna to New England Pumpkin Pie

The star of the autumn garden is the pumpkin! This iconic squash’s round shape and bright orange color are found in imagery surrounding harvest festivals all through the season, to include modern American favorites Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is a beloved dessert for fall festivities, though the squash also lends itself well to soups, […]

Sweet Coltsfoot; A plant of many names…

It’s important to do your homework before you begin your foraging journey. Although we often rely on common names for plants when we discuss them, sometimes that doesn’t always work. Plants can have remarkably similar or nearly identical common names and be from completely different species! Coltsfoot is a common name given to a variety […]

Wild Asparagus, A Grocery Store Staple Gone Feral

When it comes to Asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis), the culinary world is abundant with recipes to sate any palate. What you might not know however, is that the asparagus growing in the wild is identical to the stuff you can find in your local grocery store produce section. Asparagus has escaped cultivation and can now be […]

Aromatic Gardens And Their Mood-Enhancing Benefits

Article brought to you courtesy of Emma Wilson with CBD-news.co Gardening requires special skills and passion. It does not mean that anyone cannot get into this habit if they genuinely want to try things out. However, it takes a lot of commitment and love for the trade actually to plant a garden that will be […]

Eating Weeds – Everything You Need to Know!

At eattheplanet.org we have been eating weeds for a long time. Foraging for wild edibles can be a safe and fun way to strengthen our relationship with the natural world and each other. Eating weeds, in particular, is a great place for a novice forager to begin since weeds are abundant and somewhat familiar. Weeds […]

Native Apple Trees of North America

Standing proud at the edge of woodlands, disguised in the hedgerows of old farmed fields or perched along a hiking trail. Native North American apple trees are a fantastic fruit to stumble across whilst out exploring. These native wild apples are edible and full of flavor, although some can be particularly bitter! You can collect […]

The Wild Origin of the Humble Apple

The history of our humble orchard apple (Malus domestica) is a wild and wonderful one. Like the majority of our farmed fruits and vegetables, the simple supermarket apple began life in the wild, as a fruit known as the crabapple (Malus). Grown over millennia, across the temperate Northern hemisphere, we now have over 7000 known […]


Tarragon - American Native Herb

TIDAK ADA KEAMANAN YANG SEMPURNA YA BOS! there is never perfect security ! haha       “Kucinta kau seperti senja dengan keindahannya tanpa durasinya” R36ARD : INDONESIAN CYBER ARMY | MUNTILANOS THANKS ALLAH SWT An Introduction to Tarragon: Artemisia dracunculus or Tarragon is a well-known and loved herb (it can be considered an American […]

Loveroot: Enigmatic and Medicinal

An Introduction to Loveroot: Loveroot or Ligusticum porter is a flowery herb that lies in carrot family. You can find it in various parts of the US And Mexico. You may consider it a very versatile Native Medicinal Herb. Places where you can spot Love root: Loveroot can be found in mountaineous regions. It thrives […]

Sage Brush: A Native Herb with History

An Introduction to Sage brush: Artemisia tridentata or sage brush as it is commonly known is a fragrant herb with a strong, woody build which prefers dry area which have a colder temperature than normal including mountainous or some specific desert regions. It is quite popularly considered good to start and use in to make […]

Common Cattail | Highly Familiar and Amazingly Versatile

Common cattail (Typha latifolia) is a species of plant you will likely be very familiar with. As its name suggests, it’s a very common find, especially along the margins of ponds, wetlands and lakes where it resides. It’s a species that has dominated habitats around the World for centuries, and has developed a unique collection […]

Dig This: We Can Protect Wild American Ginseng – By George Lindemann

american ginseng Panax quinquefolius

Author: George Lindmann of www.coalcreek.com Throughout the year, my four kids and I organize our snake boots, our chigger repellant, our tools (which can include shovels, smart devices and gps software) and head out into the moist, dark Appalachian forests of Eastern Tennessee. Throughout rural Appalachia, “ginsenging” is a family affair. The knowledge of how […]

The Story of the American Cranberrybush

The American Cranberrybush (Viburnum trilobum) is a deciduous shrub that produces small edible, ruby red berries in the fall. Whilst the fruits greatly resemble cranberries, they are in fact of a completely different species. Both the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) and American cranberrybush share a native range. However they are not as closely related as […]

Saffron, a Highly Prized Spice of Luxury and Healing

Saffron is the extremely prized spice that is harvested from the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). It has a long and varied history of trade and importance throughout the World, as well as also currently the Worlds most expensive spice by weight. One pound of saffron is currently equivalent to $500-$4000, depending on quality. So, what […]

Wild Appalachian Ginseng, Coveted and in Need of Protection

Panax quinquefolius or Panacis quinquefolis, known to many as American Ginseng, is rocketing into the limelight as a hugely popular herb. Wild American ginseng holds great value within China, particularly the most gnarled and intact specimens. Its popularity is actually creating tense situations throughout the Appalachian ranges as criminals and thieves steal from reputable growers […]

Wild Leek, Wildly Popular with Sustainable Foraging a Must

Allium tricoccum, known by many as wild leek, is a species of onion native to many parts of North East America as well as Eastern Canada. Other common names include ‘spring onion’, ‘ramps’, ‘wood leek’ and ‘wild garlic’. The other popular name for wild leeks, ‘ramps’, was thought to have been inspired by the old […]