10 Wild Edibles, You Should Know

Elaeagnus umbellata, Autumn Olive fruit

This is a list of wild edibles that are abundant, easy to identify, and significant in one way or another.  These are some of the basics that are good to know if you’re stuck in the woods in a survival scenario or simply camping and hiking.  There are some basic identification features mentioned here but […]

Crickets, An Abundant Source of Protein Worldwide

Field Cricket

Crickets( Family: Gryllidae) can be found in almost every area on the globe where humans live.  Crickets are a substantial snack food for many people around the globe, including parts of Asian and Africa. Your native or local crickets can be collected and raised easily with very little, food water and space requirements. Edibility And […]

Mission Statement

Our Mission is To teach and learn about all the edible things this earth has to offer and why eating an extremely diverse diet is better for people and planet. Eating wild edibles has historically been one of the most important skills a person could have. It has been ingrained in the culture of mankind […]

Land Shrimp, A Small Relative Of Our Favorite Seafood

Pill bug

Pillbugs, also known as woodlice, roly-polies, or land shrimp are a very common arthropod in the same taxonomic class as Shrimp and lobster.  These small arthropods, are very recognizable, they have 11 body segments, and can be seen curling up in a ball for defense.  They can easily be found under rotting logs or bark, […]

Safe Foraging: Pesticides, Poisons, And Allergies

Amelanchier lamarckii fruit and leaves

Foraging for wild edible plants, bugs and fungus can and should be an enjoyable experience for all.  But there are some guidelines to follow for safe foraging.  There are 3 primary cautions associated with foraging for anything and these are: 1) Accidentally eating a poisonous organism, or a poisonous part of an organism that may […]

Coconut Grub, Bacon Without The Pig

Coconut Grubs in a bowl

Coconut Grub(Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) also called sago grub  is the larvae of the red palm weevil, also known as Asian palm weevil or sago palm weevil.  This beetle is present around the world with the larvae inhabiting a number of palm species.  They are still spreading worldwide and are considered a pest species for palm plantations. […]

What Is Your Ancestral Diet?

Early Humans

Imagine the earth in 50,000 BC. Mankind is entering the final stages of its evolutionary journey from animal to human.  How is he living? And what is he eating?  What types of foods? And how are they processed?  We have all heard that we need to eat a natural diet, full of fresh fruits and […]

Grasshoppers and Locust, A Delicious Swarm Of Protein

Fried Grasshopper

The famous grasshopper( Suborder: Caelifera) is known as an edible insect to many people.  This is often a first insect meal to people who have never eaten insects or bugs before.  They are eaten in substantial amounts, in south America, Africa, Asia and some parts of the Middle East. There are some species that change […]