Mission Statement

Our Mission is To teach and learn about all the edible things this earth has to offer and why eating an extremely diverse diet is better for people and planet.

Eating wild edibles has historically been one of the most important skills a person could have. It has been ingrained in the culture of mankind since our beginning, and even before that in our wild ancestors.

Here are some of the reasons why eating wild edibles is important

  • Extremely diverse nutrient intake
  • Intake of medicinal components that science can not replicate and does not occur in any of the foods we commonly eat. one example would be the use of hibiscus for lowering blood pressure
  • Being outside and focusing on proper identification of wild edibles is a mentally healthy activity and one that mankind has been doing since our beginning
  • Many people find that foraging for our natural foods helps them to feel closer to nature and find a new appreciation for our own life and the life of the wild edibles that we find

Read our Article focusing on what humans have evolved to eat.

2 Responses

  1. What a great Mission! Thank you for putting this site together. Would you mind sharing your credentials? I’m wondering where your information comes from?

    1. Thanks for your interest Jane. I have always been someone who enjoys the outdoors. As far as formal education goes, I have a bachelors of science in landscape architecture from the university of CT. At the university of CT landscape architecture is included in the school of agriculture so I enjoyed a lot of classes on the interaction between humans and their landscape including plant identification and a few classes on deeper subjects such as plant physiology. The information on this site comes from many references, mainly online. One of my primary sources is http://www.pfaf.org , PFAF database is great if you have a specific plant in mind to look up, but it can be overwhelming if your just browsing and not sure which plants your interested in researching. Although I aim for complete accuracy I can’t guarantee that everything on the site is 100% true, All I can do is share what I got from other sources and what I learned from personal experience.

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