Crickets, An Abundant Source of Protein Worldwide

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Field Cricket
Field Cricket (Photo By: Altairisfar / Wikimedia Commons)

Crickets( Family: Gryllidae) can be found in almost every area on the globe where humans live.  Crickets are a substantial snack food for many people around the globe, including parts of Asian and Africa. Your native or local crickets can be collected and raised easily with very little, food water and space requirements.

Edibility And Culinary Use

The taste is very good. It has a nutty flavor.  There are no bad tastes or aftertaste.  It often just tastes like a hardier version of the herbs and spices it’s cooked in.  Crickets should always be cooked when eaten, not because of anything inherent to the Cricket, but they may contain parasites.  Crickets are eaten throughout the world in many ways including, fried, baked, mashed, cooked over fire, and boiled in salt, or soup. I like to eat them baked till crunchy with some mild spices, it’s a tasty and healthy snack.  Here is our Crispy Roasted Crickets Recipe. Crickets are also often cooked till crunchy then ground into a powder to add to flower and other grains.  This is a good way to fortify your meals with protein.

Health Benefits

Brown House Crickets Cooked
Brown House Crickets Cooked

The primary nutritional benefit is well known and that is its protein content compared to contents of fats and cholesterol.  So in other words this is a great choice to get you protein but not put on a lot of pounds.


Crickets are easy to identify, capture, and raise worldwide, and that’s why it is already a popular food source in some places in the world.  Eating Crickets is a good solution to the problems of lack of protein in some countries and overabundance of fats and cholesterol in others.  Once we get past cultural taboos, we will realize how good and nutritious Crickets are.

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