Wild Edibles Quiz, Can You Survive?


You find yourself lost in the wilderness. You Have enough clean water to drink but must find food. At each step you will be faced with one wild edible and one poisonous plant or mushroom. Do you have what it takes to stay alive?

You notice these two plants side by side. Which one will you eat?
Poison Ivy (Toxidendron radicans) Photo By: Sam Fraser Smith/Wikimedia Commons
You come across these two plants which one would you eat.
Then you find these orange mushrooms, which one looks edible to you?
You then come across these mesmerizing plants. You are too hungry, you must choose one to eat.
You remember that some puffball mushrooms are edible but do you remember which ones?
You find some delicious looking red berries to eat. Now if you can only remember which one is edible.
A couple more mushrooms catch your eye, but which one is edible?
You find acorns and another plant nearby. You know of a close stream that can be used to leach bitter compounds out of one of these plants.
Quercus rubra acorns
You're in a field at the edge of a forest. You want to collect a plant to save and eat later. Which one is edible.
It's starting to get cold so you decide to make hot evergreen tea. Which plant should you choose?
Wild Edibles Quiz
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  1. Puffballs are rather unique type of fungus.They dont have typical cap and stem you expect from a mushroom.

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