Uvularia sessilifolia – Wild Oats

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Wild Oats (Uvularia sessilifolia) is a native woodland plant in the lily family.
Wild Oats have alternate leaves that attach directly to the stem. In late April-early May the plant produces a yellow-cream colored flower.
Wild Oat shoots can be eaten raw after the leaves are stripped away. Flowers can be added raw to salads. Leaves can be cooked and eaten as a green. The plant has rhizomes which can be eaten raw or cooked.
Wild Oat roots have also been turned into a medicinal tea to treat diarrhea and facilitate healing of broken bones. The plant should only be harvested in areas where it is abundant.

Written by Amy Demers, founder of the Connecticut Foraging Club. To learn more about foraging in Connecticut, check out our upcoming classes.

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