Rosa palustris – Swamp Rose

The Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris) is a native plant that produces delicious fruits (rose hips) in late fall. All roses have edible leaves, flowers, and hips. Swamp roses have leaves with serrated edges and curved thorns along the stem. They prefer to grow near rivers or marshes. Swamp rose hips have a tangy taste. They […]

Galium aparine – Cleavers

Cleavers (Galium aparine) are a native, edible plant in the coffee family. There are about 20 species in the Galium genus that grow in New England. All Galiums are edible and medicinal. Cleavers are named for their ability to cling to adjacent objects. They have 6-8 leaves per whorl. The plant produces greenish white flowers […]

Hydnum spp. – Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs (Hydnum spp.) are a group of 49 mushrooms in the Hydnum genus that are all considered edible. Hedgehogs can be found in New England from July-November. Hedgehogs are easily identified by their orange color and teeth under their cap. Hedgehogs can be found growing in groups in moss and leaf litter. They grow symbiotically […]

Sarcomyxa serotina – Late Fall Oysters

Late Fall Oysters (Sarcomyxa serotina) are easily identified edible mushrooms that can be found October-December. Late fall oysters can be found on deciduous or conifer logs growing singly or in shelves. They have green, yellow, orange, or purple caps and yellowish gills. There is a line that separates the gills from the stubby stem. The […]