There are over 150,000 Edible plants
There are over 150,000 Edible plants.

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  1. Would an entry on wild grapes be created? I know, that wild grapes grow along the River Raisin in southeastern Michigan (where I grew up, even though I was unaware of that fact until I was about 18). I read, also, that wild grapes grow somewhere in Texas, if I recall accurately.

    I ask this question because the contact us page seems spotty.

    (P.S. What about edible plants in, say, Idaho State and its neighbors? I have a cookbook Cooking with Wild Berries & Fruits of the Rocky Mountain States by Teresa Marrone. Don’t forget making an entry for white mulberries!)

  2. Thanks for letting me know about my contact page. I did an update and the contact form deactivated. I wasn’t aware of it until I read your message, so thanks again. I agree with you that I should do an entry on wild grapes and red and white mulberries. I have grapes on my to do list already, I’ll add wild mulberries. Thanks again for the input.

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