Foraging Tours and Classes in Virginia

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Foraging Tours, Walks, Classes, and Groups (Updated for 2024)

The list below has been curated to include only those groups and foragers that schedule regular events and are currently active. Please email us about any broken links or incorrect links so we can keep the list updated. If you offer classes or scheduled foraging events feel free to contact us about being added to the list.-

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1. Eco Images

Vickie Shafer is the founder of Eco Images, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a naturalist, herbalist, and forager. She offers classes, on exploring the outdoors, foraging, making medicine, and growing native and medicinal plants.

2. Julie Carestio Pettler

Julie Carestio Pettler is an herbalist. Her office is located in Frederick County, Virginia. She offers classes, foraging, and medicine-making workshops.

3. Emerald Mountain Sanctuary

Located in Monterey, VA. Learn to identify and prepare edible and medicinal plants on our property in the Virginia Highlands. We also discuss ethical foraging and avoiding poisonous plants.

4. The Earth Connection School

Tim MacWelch found The Earth Connection School, located in Somerville, Virginia. The Earth Connection School is an outdoor school. It offers subjects that focus on wild foods, making fires, navigation, tracking, and primitive skills.

5. The Living Earth School

The Living Earth School is an organization located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. Its curriculum is nature-based. It seeks to develop naturalist skills, finding edible/medicinal plants, survival skills, and much more. The Living Earth School offers classes, camping, and foraging.

6. Tracks and Roots

Alison Meehan created Tracks and Roots, located in Richmond, Virginia. She manages buy modafinil online Tracks and roots with her fellow credible instructors. Her expertise is identifying trees, tracking, wild edibles, and medicinal plants. They offer foraging and wilderness survival courses.


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36 Responses

  1. I’m interested in mushroom foraging classes in Northern VA, but I’m unable to locate any. Can you help please? Thank you!

    1. I would like to find a foraging group in northern virginia so i can learn about edible wild mushrooms. I live in Falls Church

      1. Hello, Ann. I have the same interest.

        At this point, I am a group of one (LOL), but would be interested in finding a friend to go foraging with.

        Kind regards,


          1. I’m also from Falls Church and looking for people to forage with. Would any of you be interested in putting a group together? 🙂

        1. Hi yes I too am interested in love in Alexandria- maybe we could try and start something through meetup.con???


      2. Hi, just found this site. Curious if a group was put together in Alexandria/Falls Church area (based on this thread).

    2. Natalia, I am also interested in learning how to forage mushrooms and looking for classes or a guide. Did you ever find one? Contact me please to let me know. Nancy

    3. Natalie, Do you happen to live on W Seminary Ave? A neighbor has received 2 packages for you with your name but no house number. I live 3 houses from Westbrook

  2. Hi,
    We are from France. We forged in the north every October. We are so excited to be apart of learning and forging in an eco friendly way. Pls contact me to discuss his to be apart of learning.

  3. Hi I run a coop group and was interested in learning foraging along with children and other adults in our group. Do you guys offer anything like that??

    1. I am in Herndon. I know a reasonable amount about foraging (not mushrooms). If you’re still in the area, drop me a line.
      P.s. I love kids, so feel free to bring some.

      1. Hi Tina, I’m in Ashburn and very interested foraging mushroom. Do you have a group interested to forage together now with spring around the corner?

      2. Hi Tina, I am in Vienna and would love to learn about foraging. Please feel free to contact me by email or text.
        Thank you!

      3. I live in NOVA and would like to forage with a group. Please let me know how to connect with the local group. 🙂

      4. Hi Tina,
        This is Yong, living in Burke. I am very interested in foraging either mushrooms or wild edible vegetables. If you have a group that I can join, I would love to. Please contact me.

  4. As we are entering 2024, I would like to learn to forage. I am in Northern VA (Herndon). Are there any local groups to me?

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