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Foraging Tours, Walks, Classes, and Groups (Updated for 2024)

The list below has been curated to include only those groups and foragers that schedule regular events and are currently active. Please email us about any broken links or incorrect links so we can keep the list updated. If you offer classes or scheduled foraging events feel free to contact us about being added to the list.-

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1. John J. Slattery

John J. Slattery managed Southwest Foraging. He is a bioregional herbalist, forager, and author. He offers classes and he has written books on foraging.

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  1. Foraging is a real thing? I have been wandering through the bushes for decades eating plants which are edible. I do my homework on the plants absolutely before I eat anything!!! Been told numerous times that I am a true weirdo and will wind up in the ER for this. I haven’t gotten poisoned and use local plants food and for healing my wounds.

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