Cantharellus minor – Small Chanterelle

The Small chanterelle (Cantharellus minor) is an edible, although unsubstantial mushroom. Small chanterelles are mycorrhizal with hardwood trees. They are often found in moss, under oak trees. Chanterelles can be identified by their decurrent false gills. Small chanterelles look very similar to golden chanterelles but have a slenderer and hollow stem. Although the small chanterelle […]

Cantherellus cinnabarinus – Cinnabar Chanterelles

Cinnabar chanterelles (Cantherellus cinnabarinus) are a common choice edible mushroom that can be found in the summer months in New England. Cinnabar chanterelles can be identified by their uniform reddish-orange color, vase shape, and forked ridges under the cap that run down the stem. Cinnabar chanterelles have a firm texture, somewhat like string cheese. They […]