Rubus occidentalis – Black Raspberry

Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) is one of the first native berries to ripen in the summer. Black raspberries are a native perennial that can be found in disturbed habitats, meadow edges, and stream banks. They can grow in full sun to partial shade. Black raspberry plants have thorny canes that are covered in a whitish […]

Rubus odoratus – Purple-flowering Raspberry

Purple-flowering raspberry (Rubus odoratus) is a native perennial with edible berries. The purple-flowering raspberry is found at the edge of trails. It can grow in sun to part shade. The plant has maple-like leaves and purple rose-like flowers. Canes are thornless, unlike other raspberry species. Flowers appear June-August. Flowers become red raspberries in mid-late summer. […]

Rubus phoenicolasius – Wineberries

Wineberries (Rubus phoenicolasius) are an invasive type of raspberry from Japan. They were brought here for their potential in breeding hybrid raspberries. Wineberries can be identified by their purplish-red stems with hairy bristles and bright orangish-red berries. Wineberry leaves are rounder than raspberry leaves. The immature fruits are covered by a reddish hairy calyx which […]