Cryptoporus volvatus – Veiled Polypore

The Veiled Polypore (Cryptoporus volvatus) is a rare mushroom that grows on conifer trees. The pored surface is “veiled” by a thin, rounded layer of tissue. This allows the spores to pile up in the mushroom. When beetles enter the space, they are dusted with the spores and will therefore carry the spores into the […]

Volvariella bombycina – Silky Sheath Mushroom

The Silky Sheath mushroom (Volvariella bombycina) is a rare, edible mushroom that fruits July-November. The Silky sheath can be found growing on hardwood logs or in wounds of standing hardwood trees. The mushroom grows out of a whitish to brownish cup at the base of the stem. The cap is silky white, yellowing with age. […]

Fistulina hepatica – Beefsteak fungus

The Beefsteak fungus (Fistulina hepatica) is a rare mushroom that can be found July-October. The Beefsteak fungus resembles a tongue sticking out of a tree when it is young. As it ages, it flattens out and resembles a slab of raw meet. The cap is colored blood-red. The flesh is pale pink with red streaks. […]