Dacrymyces chrysospermus – Orange Jelly Fungus

Orange Jelly Fungus (Dacrymyces chrysospermus) is an edible mushroom that can be found year-round after heavy rains. Orange jelly fungus is found on conifers, often where bark is peeling off. It has a white base where the cap attaches to the wood. Orange jelly fungus is most often confused with Witches butter (Tremella mesenterica) which […]

Auricularia spp. – Wood Ears

Wood ears (Auricularia spp.) are edible jelly fungi that are commonly eaten in Asia. It is best to search for them the day after a large rainfall. Wood ears prefer cooler weather but could appear any time of the year. There are two wood ear species that grow in Connecticut. Auricularia americana grows on conifers, […]