Russula parvovirescens – Quilted Green Russula

The Quilted Green Russula (Russula parvovirescens) is an edible mushroom that can be found in the Eastern United States. It was separated from the Russula virescens species in 2006. Quilted Green Russulas are found most abundantly July-August in forested areas. They are mycorrhizal with hardwood trees and occasionally conifers. It’s most commonly associated with oak […]

Sarcomyxa serotina – Late Fall Oysters

Late Fall Oysters (Sarcomyxa serotina) are easily identified edible mushrooms that can be found October-December. Late fall oysters can be found on deciduous or conifer logs growing singly or in shelves. They have green, yellow, orange, or purple caps and yellowish gills. There is a line that separates the gills from the stubby stem. The […]